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 My research on the LI2 files

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My research on the LI2 files Empty
PostSubject: My research on the LI2 files   My research on the LI2 files EmptyMon May 14, 2012 10:45 pm

My research on some LI2 files through a Hex editor. I would like to thank legomoe for his example on the .col file he gave me which helped me a lot.
Note: The following are based off of the files in z02LGI.bod/bob. The stuff underlined and bold are the folder names.

Before I start, I would like to thanks legomoe for giving me an example and helping me understand.


ABLK = Header of file, no size.
ASKL = I have no certain idea!

Files in camera folder (whatever the name was).

They start with CAMA and are followed by 01 00 00 00 bytes. The files are all the same length. (after those bytes, the length is 18)


.cut files
(not going to bother mentioning the .txt files, because those are obvious what kind of files those are. :P)

Some worlds/places, like the main island [z02LGI] have only .lgt files. Ogel (not sure if other places) have more files like .lgt_pos2, .lgt_set1_1point-red, .lgt_set2_lots of pointlamps_amb1_dir.5, lgt_set3_lotsofpoint_amb.1_dir1.
I didn't look into these other files (yet) as they aren't in z02LGI.

.lgt files.
File length is pretty much the same length in all places.
They all start with LGTL, not sure if there is a specific byte rate for the rest of it or not.


Starts with MATA
There is nothing to work with to calculate the value (not that I can see). It's a matter of guessing I guess. Wait..., okay, on the file I put it to 4 and I'm seeing some similar things. I dunno, maybe one of you can take a look at it... or, set it to 12, I'm seeing a pattern of ̼Œ+̼Œ+̼Œ+ [CC BC 8C 2B CC BC 8C 2B CC BC 8C 2B in bytes] (aka CC BC 8C 2B repeated 3 times in a row). I'm checking, another file, it seems to be the same kind of thing, except the ̼Œ+̼Œ+̼Œ+ values are different on each file... or actaually, I'm seeing ..€?..€?..€? appear in each file, so maybe that's something.

.app .emi .mov .par can all be edited with a text editor! (so it seems).

.app contains things like colour, size, what sprite image to use (not sure where it is located, texture folder?), and other stuff.

.emi controls lifespan, density, force, and angles.

.mov controls gravity, and also something called "Air" (fAir and fDAir to be exact)

.par runs the other files of the same name, it has stuff like.. final colour and size? Not sure. Also, music01.par has some // lines (notes).. only containing values though, no text.


particle.src and sound.src, the only two files are exactly the same... they contain SRCL followed by .... [00 00 00 00] and nothing else.


WIBF = 4
WIBT = I'm not sure about this because it is gianourmous due to having non-stop till the end (it seems). But on text071.wib [file of Z02LGI] it seems to be 4, thought it does seems to switch between FF and FE, and then some other bytes randomly.

.txl, I got nothing on this, do you? It seems like there COULD be something.

Can be opened with any text editor (or C++ if you're a programer :P [gave it away how I knew])

.way and .wpt (extremely identical)
WPTP = 40
WPTL = 12
WPTG = 8 (I think)

The following .wpt files are a bit different.

They start with ÿÿÿÿ [00 00 00 00 in bytes], I don't think this means anything special though. They seem fine in 16 bytes, until it reaches the part where they start listing stuff.

I got nothing.[/u]

All .col files. (I never got back to these so I don't have byte lengths of them.)
Start with CBBX

Larger length files:
Contains COLP near the beginning
GRDP and GRDC are near the end

Small, tiny length files:
End with NCOL
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My research on the LI2 files

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