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PostSubject: THE RULES   THE RULES EmptyFri Apr 06, 2012 11:49 pm

As The Infomaniac's Classroom expands, we need to establish a few rules. Most of these rules are pretty self-explanatory, but they should still be read and understood. Segatendo and I have decided that the following rules should be stated (PLEASE NOTE that whenever it is mentioned, "Moderators" means "Officers and Admins"):

1) Don't be a troll, no one likes those.

2) Don't go hating for no reason. (this includes being in a bad mood).

3) Don't be rude to other members/officers/admins. It's really hard to help someone who is rude to the officers and admins. Save yourself the trouble and just don't do it.

4) Keep cursing to minimal. Some don't appreciate the excessiveness of it. This is a family-targeted forum site, and we would like to keep cursing to a minimum. If this rule is NOT respected, we WILL have to put auto-censors on curse words.

5) Think twice before making a joke or being sarcastic, make it not very hidden, as some jokes if not said right can be taken seriously. Trust us. We have seen some "jokes" go completely out of hand. It results in a lot of clean-up for the moderators. Just make your sarcasm obvious.

6) No NSFW content.
NSFW = Not safe for work. Basically, don't show anything you wouldn't be showing at school/work.

7) No spamming in the chatbox or forum. Posting something funny is alright, as long as you only post it ONCE.

8) No smiley spam.
Example: "Arg! Why doesn't this work. :AH: :AH: :AH: " One smiley is enough. Instead, post your problem with as much detail as possible so someone can try and help you (that is if it is a problem, still don't do it if it isn't).

9) Don't oversize your signature. Be logical with your signature size. If you have any questions about the size of your signature, let a moderator know. We'll usually be pretty lax on size, as long as it's not crazy big. You can put large stuff in spoilers.

10) Absolutely NO pornography/Rule 34 or any form thereof will be allowed. We have a ZERO TOLERANCE for ANY form of pornography. If you post it, you WILL be dealt with accordingly.

Now, if you are caught breaking any of these rules, the following will happen (In this order):

2-Banned for one week
3-Banned for one month
4-Banned indefinitely

Mind you, we will remove warnings on good behavior. A moderator will let you know when warnings have been removed. If you constantly bug moderators on removing warnings, you WILL be ignored, and your warning(s) might not be removed.

Another thing: If a member has a disagreement with an officer, the officer does NOT instantly have veto power over the member. The issue should be brought to an admin. If the matter STILL isn't resolved, the other admin should be contacted (either Segatendo or myself). After this, both admins should be able to come to a conclusion.

Please look over these rules. If you have any questions, a moderator will be more than happy to answer them.

Thank you.
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