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 The forum changes/additions topic.

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The forum changes/additions topic. Empty
PostSubject: The forum changes/additions topic.   The forum changes/additions topic. EmptyTue Feb 07, 2012 5:46 am

This is the topic where new things added/changed on the forum will be posted.

  • Added "Favourite LI Character" profile field.

  • Added "Secondary Interests" profile field (because I felt like it. :P).

  • Added icons next to admins/mods in the chatbox

  • Changed gender icons to male/female LEGO heads

  • Affiliated with Yoshi's Lighthouse (and created a group for the admins of that site that registered here. Don't worry they don't have anymore access then you do)

-Added a Youtube vid at the top of the page that plays a LI song.. just experimenting around. :P
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The forum changes/additions topic.

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