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 So, what did I just do?

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So, what did I just do? Empty
PostSubject: So, what did I just do?   So, what did I just do? EmptySun Jan 22, 2012 12:25 pm

After seeing a number of glitches in Lego Island, I decided to go mess around myself. Basically what happened was this:
I play as Pepper, and somehow in the park area, a cutscene starts playing with Pepper riding into a guy on a ladder a few times. After the scene he just stands there, completely still. He then continues to teleport to me after a short while. I then rode the skateboard and decided to see what would happen when I went up in debug mode and disembarked it. The video shows the rest...
Also, I have no clue what happened in the end, the sound just kept beeping and then the game exploded when I pressed the G+2 combination. Any idead on this?

P.S: Sorry for the weird video quality, Fraps doesn't go any higher on LI I think.

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So, what did I just do?

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