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 Configuring the game...

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Configuring the game... Empty
PostSubject: Configuring the game...   Configuring the game... EmptyFri Jul 01, 2011 1:32 pm

Basically, this is a little guide to showing what configuring the game will change up. Why am I making this? BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE IT, OKAY? So, here is what the configure settings do:
Island Model Quality: If you have it set to fast, you need to go much closer to models before they become higher quality. For instance, the pine trees will look solid until you get about five feet away from it.
Island Texture Quality: This removes many of the textures if set to Fast.
Color Palette: 256 color is severely outdated by today and is generally unused, but it was common on old computers. 16-bit has 65,536 colors to choose from, but it doesn't really affect the game itself anyway.
Music: What do you think it does?
Use Joystick: >_>
Advanced Settings:
Video Cards: These vary quite a bit. Some settings take advantage of 3D accelerators, which were pretty rare on old computers.
Draw 3D to Video Memory:
This puts the video onto the card so it will play faster. Due to computers of today, you will likely see no difference if you have this off.
3D Sound: If this is off, the volume in each speaker will not change even if a character is to your left. If it is on and a character is talking to you on the left, his/her voice will be much louder in the left speaker than on the right. On some video card settings the characters will be hard to hear unless you have this off.
Flip Video Memory Pages: Makes a faster frame rate. I do NOT recommend turning this on. I get loads and loads of glitches with this setting on, and unless you want to pull off the Infomaniac's looping glitch, it's strongly suggested you keep this off.
Draw Cursor: According to the help file, some old video cards didn't show the cursor, so this draws it. Now, what I don't understand is why they didn't make the cursor interesting like a minifigure hand, but maybe I'm just unpleasable.
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Configuring the game...

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